Galeria Bielska BWA is a municipal gallery which promotes the most interesting phenomena of modern art - from painting to photography, performance, installation art, and new media.
It presents exhibitions, festivals and events in public spaces. The Gallery provides exhibition space, education, information and produces publications. Since 1962, there has been an unbroken series called "Bielska Jesień" (Bielska Autumn) - a national painting competition, since 1995 called Painting Biennale. Since 2000 - and alternating with the competition - there has been a complementary exhibition of paintings based on a concept selected by the curator.
The Gallery systematically presents works of local artists - recently in the form of the "Visual Art Festival", cooperates with artists, art galleries and universities in other countries and organises art residencies programmes.


Cafe Club Aquarium
9 November - 31 December 2017

We are very sorry to announce that lecture by Anka Ptaszkowska, planned for Friday, 15 December is cancelled, because of the author's health problems.


Cafe club Aquarium
26 September - 5 November


Opening ceremony:
Teatr Polski, Friday, 13 October, 7 pm
Press conference:
Galeria Bielska BWA,  Friday, 13 October, 1 pm


- Miejsca ekspozycji:

● Galeria Bielska BWA
● Willa Teodora Sixta
(ul. A. Mickiewicza 24)

Na wystawę wstęp wolny


prowadzone przez finalistów biennale:
Sebastian Krok

sobota, 16 grudnia, 11.00

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Bielska Jesień 2017
Zobacz: klip, reportaż, filmy


Klubokawiarnia Aquarium
9 listopada - 31 grudnia

Wykład Anki Ptaszkowskiej
15 grudnia, 18.00. UWAGA! Wykład odwołany

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