Czesław Wieczorek, Portrait of a Woman, 1982, oil, canvas, 90x70 cm



Retrospective exhibition of painting by Czesław Wieczorek, an artist who has developed a unique and recognizable style. His creative work is marked with an enormous sensitivity of experience.

The artist - uncouth and persistent in his refusal to be reconciled with reality - wishes to express his unrelenting anger. Although the visual aspect of his work is in a way reminiscent of the Early Orthodox icon, its contents, consisting of allegorical and apocalyptical messages are completely different.
The exhibition contains several dozen paintings by the artist, the oldest of which, Frozen Time, dates back to 1965.

The exhibition is open from 6 January to 12 February 2012.


Xawery Wolski, Balloons, 188 elements, 2009, woven wire Galeria Bielska BWA welcomes to the launch of the exhibition
Xawery Wolski - "Portrait"

6.00 p.m. Thursday, 12 May 2011

An exhibition of installations, objects and drawings by Xawery Wolski - an artist living and working in Mexico. His artistic creations include sculptures, bas reliefs and multi-element installations - all inspired by history and prehistory.




11-13 June 2010

Main venue: the shopping arcade "Sfera", ul. Mostowa 5
Accompanying events will be held at: Galeria Bielska BWA,
ul. 3 Maja 11


Szekspir w kinie, Szekspir w teatrze. 26 - 28 marca


(29 czerwca - 26 sierpnia 2018)
Zgłoszenia do 15 kwietnia


Zgłoszenia do 12 kwietnia


Klubokawiarnia Aquarium

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