A lecture on the life and artistic career of Daniel Balabán. Curator’s guided tour of the exhibition “Painter’s Intuition”.

The life and artistic career of Daniel Balabán balances perpetually between reality and neatness, and chaos and anarchy. A painter, poet, teacher, person who explains aspects of life, and many other personalities can be found in his works. From their impact, a very personal, uncertain, eccentric, submissive and controversial art arises – Renata Skřebská says about the artist.

Before the lecture at 5 p.m. there will be a tour of the “PAITNER’S INTUITION. Daniel Balabán, Jarosław Modzelewski” exhibition, guided by the curator - Krzysztof Morcinek

In the evening programme:
5 p.m.  - Curator’s guided tour – Krzysztof Morcinek.

Krzysztof Morcinek – the artist, graphic designer, curator of Galeria Bielska BWA.

6 p.m. - “The Dance of Life” – the lecture on works of Daniel Balabán by Renata Skřebská.

Renata Skřebská – the art historian, Head Curator of the Gallery of Fine Arts in Ostrava.