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Galeria Bielska BWA has an art collection consisting of now 963 paintings, prints, drawings and fabrics.

The collection, commenced almost from the opening of the gallery, comes from various sources - a significant percentage of these art works has been donated by artists, and another substantial part purchased with the funds of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage within the Regional Collections of Contemporary Art programme (since 2012). For the last few years, the gallery has also continued to acquire sponsors offering to finance the purchase of specific works to be included in the collection.

An important part of this collection are paintings from recent years of the "Bielska Jesień" Painting Biennale Grand Prix winners, including Andrzej Szewczyk, Wilhelm Sasnal, Wojciech Leder, Rafal Borcz, Karolina Zdunek, Wojciech Kubiak and Lidia Krawczyk, Ewa Juszkiewicz, Martyna Czech.

The collection also owns 128 prints by artists from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru and Venezuela - the gift of artists after the exhibition "Images of South America", and 40 graphic works of Getulio Alviani, Italian artist, a representative of geometric abstraction and Op Art. An important elements in the collection are works of local artists.

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