Curated Exhibitions of Bielska Jesień

As part of the 10th Painting Biennale "Bielska Jesień", 2018, the gallery has invited Stanisław Ruksza to present Children of the Light – a curated exhibition featuring the work of Andrzej Urbanowicz – a charismatic artist, and guru of independent artistic circles in Silesia since the 1960s.

Curated exhibitions of “Bielska Jesień” are held every two years, alternately with a competition for painters. Independent curators are selected in a competition based on the ideas for exhibitions they send in, or they are invited directly by the relevant gallery team after analysing their experience in curatorship.

So far, there have been nine curated exhibitions of contemporary Polish painting, held as part of the Biennale:

2000 - Between aesthetics and metaphysics, Bożena Czubak,

2001 - Painting competition, Adam Szymczyk,

2004 - Beauty, or Painting Effects, the ex-girls duo: Magdalena Ujma and Joanna Zielińska,

2006 - Pretty Paintings, Jarosław Lubiak in cooperation with Kamil Kuskowski,

2008 -  Illusion as a Source of Suffering, Agnieszka Żechowska,

2010 - 50 Paintings, Agata Smalcerz (exhibition for the 50th anniversary of Galeria Bielska BWA),

2012 - Self-ignition, Michał Suchora,

2014 - Non-Views. On Landscape Today, Jolanta Ciesielska (outside the competition)

2016 - Departure, Jagna Domżalska and Wojciech Kozłowski.


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