Vernissage evening. Children of the Light

Curated tour with artists, vernissage, in memory of Andrzej Urbanowicz, live electronic music

The opening of the 10th Curated Exhibition of Bielska Jesień 2018 "Children of the Light" will be preceded by a curated tour led by Stanisław Ruksza, the author of the exhibition featuring 13 young Polish artists.
Andrzej Urbanowicz (1938-2011), a charismatic artist and co-founder of the Silesian underground movement of the 1960s, is an inspiration for many present-day artists, and his attitudes coincide with some of the ideas permeating art of the 21st century.

The curator's intention is to juxtapose the work of Urbanowicz with that of 13 young artists in order to create a “vital encounter revealing various existential tensions”.
The evening will culminate with an electronic music gig performed by Bartosz Zaskórski, one of the artists invited to the exhibition.

 Schedule of the exhibition opening on Friday, 9 November 2018:

7 p.m. – curated tour of the exhibition
8 p.m. – vernissage
9 p.m. –Bartosz Zaskórski dj set / Mchy i Porosty (Mosses and Lichens)

Stanisław Ruksza – curator of exhibitions, art historian, songwriter, involved for many years in research on Silesian artistic underground, one-time assistant of Andrzej Urbanowicz in the studio at Piastowska 1 in Katowice; director of the TRAFO Centre for Contemporary Art in Szczecin since 2017. Currently, he works as a lecturer at the Academy of Art in Szczecin and a visiting professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice. 

Bartosz Zaskórski – audiovisual artist, illustrator, creator of films and radio plays, musician, PhD student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków.
Mchy i Porosty is a one-man band of Bartosz Zaskórski. The artist generally plays sad, electronic dance music. He also creates audio plays about strange villages which no one is allowed to leave. He himself comes from the village of Zytno. His two new projects are scheduled for release Officna Transatlantyk and Kikimora Tapes in December, 2018.

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