Ewa Markiewicz-Adamczewska – Menorah_mem

How to visualize the energy of emotions? The answer lies in the ... Red_quadrospiral and Celadon-menorah.

An exhibition of paintings by Ewa Markiewicz-Adamczewska, during which the artist presents two works from the series EmoGeo, called GeoContentpaintings. They are Red_quadrospiral and Celadon-menorah. The paintings in acrylic on the board are 270 x 270 cm in size. Inspiration for the presented paintings include the murals in Bielsko-Biała, mainly the illusionist mural of Karolina Zdunek on the back wall of Galeria Bielska BWA entitled Windows (2008). The paintings will be accompanied by arteFakt - a candlestick saved from a scrap yard. For the artist, it is a symbolic object which she use to reconstruct GeoHistory.

In her versatile work, the artist, who is often called a “sculptor of emotions”, focuses on visualizing the energy of emotions and on the therapeutic function of art. During the presentations of her works, she often engages in interactive games with the audience, which are aimed at discovering the meaning of signs and symbols.

“I am interested in the visualisation of the energy of emotions in the WORD-PICTURE-SIGN-MEANING relationship. In my projects, which deal with the issues of perception - understanding and conveying contents, I refer to the archetype of the Spiral form. For the method of illustrating the energy of emotions in which the Spiral is the original form in the process of creating emoShapes [spiralLike shapes] I use the name EmoWallPaper.”

            Ewa Markiewicz-Adamczewska

“In her creative quest, Ewa Markiewicz-Adamczewska draws inspiration from the world of music and experience derived from visual work, as well as directly from the material world. The magnetism of her work is probably the result of the combination of abstract geometry with an attempt to reproduce the emotions and tensions experienced by man and the entire universe of which mankind is a part.”

            Adriana Michalska, curator of the exhibition EmoForms EmoName&EmoantyName”

Ewa Markiewicz-Adamczewska – born in 1957 in Lublin. Degree in Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw under Professor Tadeusz Dominik, specialization at the Faculty of Sculpture under Professor Tadeusz Łodziany (1983). Postgraduate Pedagogical Course at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (2005-2006); also studied at the Faculty of Painting at the W. Surikow Art Institute in Moscow (1978-1979).

She participated in the FOLIO SHOW NYC 2003 conference and workshop in New York (USA, October 2003). She received scholarships from the Ministry of Culture and Art (1987, 1991) and the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage (2007).

Between 1996 and 2004, she was professionally involved as a graphic designer with the monthl Twój Styl. In the years 2005-2010, she created her EmoWallPaper Project; and in 2009-2016, the MetaPlastEmo project [EmoShape SourceSpiral GraphLanguage]. The latest presentation of the project took place in the spring of 2018 at the Warsaw Workshop at Plac Konstytucji in Warsaw. The MetaPlastEmo project [MetaPlanet] is addressed to adults interested in the subject of art therapy. The concept of the project is based on the intuitive hypothesis that the spiral form is the starting letter of the abstract language of the speech of emotions, and that it exists in conjunction with time.

 Ewa Markiewicz-Adamczewska is the author of solo and group projects, including: Looking for Nature at Galeria Promocyjna in Warsaw (1990), Galeria Stara BWA in Lublin (1991) and Galeria Willa BWA in Łódź (1992); EmoWallPaper – multiple emotional portraits at the Mała Galeria PLSP in Nałęczów, Galeria Bałucka MGSL in Łódź, Salon BoConcept RetailPoland in Warsaw (2006); EmoWallPaper in the BoConcept Salon and Fabryka Trzciny in Warsaw, the 1st stage of the EmoWallPaper Project (2007); Artistic Workshop - EmoWallPaper. A prosocial project at Galeria Piwnice, Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle in Warsaw, presentation of the work of the participants of the 2nd stage of the EmoWallPaper project (2007); Magic - therapeutic function of art at Galeria Ogrodnika AHE / WSHE in Łódź (2008); Signs of Identity [Group Show] at BWA Lublin, Labirynt Galeria Grodzka (2009); EmoForms EmoName & EmoantyName at Galeria Bałucka MGSL in Łódź (2017); installation Fluctus Flowers and the project MetaPlastEmo [MetaPaneta] at the Warsaw Workshop [FISE] (Warsaw, 2018).