The 8th Andrzej Baturo Foto Art Festival

Slow Life – a festival of the people, for the people. This slogan will accompany the festival events including exhibitions, photo marathon, workshops, DiasShow and FotoOpen.

This is the eighth time that world-famous photographers are coming to Bielsko-Biała to participate in the Foto Art Festival – an international festival of photography attracting outstanding artists and crowds of aficionados who wish not only to view exhibitions, but also to talk to the photographic masters and participate in the photo marathon, workshops and other festival events. Running from 11 to 27 October, the exhibitions will be presented in the Historical Museum – Old Factory, Galeria Bielska BWA, Gallery of Photography B&B, Książnica Beskidzka, the Regional Centre Culture and other venues. The highlights of the festival will take place in its first weekend, i.e. 11 –13 October. During the opening ceremony at Teatr Polski, (Friday, 11 October at 7 pm) the audience will be able to view the selected works of all of the invited artists who will also be called to stage to greet the audience.

From its foundation, the festival has striven to present a wide range of thematic and aesthetic trends in photography. The genres presented at the exhibitions include documentary, landscape, portrait, reportage and experiment. Audiences will be able to watch both traditional analogue photography and modern digital media and admire works of both recognized masters of photography and  talented young photographers.
The participants are world-famous photographers from Europe, America, Africa and Australia. Traditionally for the festival in Bielsko-Biała, all of the works will be shown for the first time in Poland.

Four exhibitions from the festival's main program will be presented at Galeria Bielska BWA.

Upper gallery:
Ádám Urbán (Hungary) – “Aszód 2018”
Tamás Urbán (Hungary) – “Aszód 1974”
Lower gallery:
Vincent Descotils (France) – “The Guardians”
Vee Speers (Australia) – „Dystopia”

More about the exibitions and the artists on FAF website >>

Accompanying exhibitions:
Galeria Bielska BWA
Agnieszka Prusak (Poland) – „Polish Actors"
Galeria Bielska BWA / Café Club Aquarium
Dawid Stube (Poland) – "Cri Du Chat Syndrome"


Read more about the exhibitions and their authors on FAF website >>


Inez BaturoInez Baturo
Photographic artist, curator at the B&B Photographic Gallery, president of the Photographic Centre Foundation; programme and organizational director of the FAF:
We are united by photography and kindness to the world and people. Our slogan is Slow Life. A festival of the people, for the people.

The organizers of the Foto Art Festival are the Municipality of Bielsko-Biała and the Centre of Photography Foundation. The programme and organizational director is Inez Baturo, the chairman of the Organizing Committee is Adam Ruśniak, Deputy Mayor of Bielsko-Biała. The festival is held under the auspices of the ZAiKS (Polish Society of Authors and Composers ) and the Association of Polish Art Photographers.

The Foto Art Festival was first held in 2005. The festival was created and given an individual character by well-known photographers associated with Inez and Andrzej Baturo - curators, running the B&B Photo Gallery in Bielsko-Biała, founders of the Centre of Photography Foundation.

Andrzej Baturo, the long-standing president of the Centre of Photography Foundation, the general director of the festival from the beginning, died in June 2017 at the age of 77. The Foto Art Festival has been named after this outstanding photographic artist since 2017.

The festival runs from 11 to 27 October, 2019.

The festival centre will be organized at Galeria Bielska BWA (Bielsko-Biała, ul. 3 Maja 11, ground floor: entrance and exhibition halls); Festival Club - traditionally at the Aquarium Café Club (first floor of the gallery).

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