The legendary attic at ul. Piastowska 1

A meeting devoted to Andrzej Urbanowicz in the artist's  former studio in Katowice

One of Poland's most important counter-culture groups was launched in the attic of a communist-style building in Katowice. The attic became a meeting place for the first Polish Buddhists. Many years later, it was visited by Allen Ginsberg who recited his poems ...
(...) One of the places where this kind of spirituality developed the most was the attic of the house at ul. Piastowska in Katowice – a studio which belonged to the married couple of artists Urszula Broll and Andrzej Urbanowicz (...) – writes Agnieszka Sabor in her magazine article “Underground in the Attic” (Tygodnik Powszechny, online publication, 7 August, 2012).

The place still exists today. The legendary Artist's Studio at ul. Piastowska 1 in Katowice will become the venue for a meeting dedicated to Andrzej Urbanowicz (1938-2011) - a major event accompanying the opening of the exhibition Children of the Light - the 10th Curated Exhibition of Bielska Jesień 2018. The exhibition opens on Friday, 9 November.

The meeting will be presided over by Małgorzata Borowska, president of the Oneiron Foundation and hosted by Jakub Gawkowski, art critic and columnist cooperating with the magazines Szum and Krytyka Polityczna.

Panel members include Anna Cieplak, Olga Drenda, Paweł Gawlik, Sebastian Łąkas, Dariusz Misiuna, Stanisław Ruksza, Laura Waniek and others.

 DJ set - Bartosz Zaskórski / Mchy i Porosty.

The seating capacity is limited, you need to book at:

The meeting is sponsored by Fundacja Oneiron, Silesian Museum in Katowice and Galeria Bielska BWA.