Ukraine. Photographs reflecting on memory and the idea of freedom, and a documentary about the children of Popasna in the Lugansk region.

Julia Ogińska’s photographs evoke powerful and precious memories. This time we can relive them, experiencing the whole spectrum of mental states, such as sadness, longing, gratitude and hope. The photographs presented in the exhibition are the artist’s reflection on the idea of freedom, as well as the concepts of goodness and dignity.

Two of the photographs were taken in 2014, at the beginning of Russia's annexation of eastern Ukraine.

Julia Ogińska:
A whole year has passed on 24 February 2023, and now the days of Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine are running their course. Each and every one of us is affected by the misery of the war. But we shall not remain passive, we shall not accept what someone once imposed on us. We are not just witnesses to events - we are animators of life, drivers of change!
The photographic language I have used to create the images connects the point in time recorded in the past with the present moment at which we view these images. This language not only helps us understand the meaning of irretrievable loss, but it also makes us realise that there is a memory, that we ourselves are changing and seeing new values in the life that goes on.

The sale will take place through the Foundation of Galeria Bielska: fundacjagb@gmail.com

Shortly after the closing of the exhibition by Julia Ogińska, the Polish premiere screening of the Ukrainian documentary film LIMBO, directed by Marina Nikitina and Vincent Lefebrve, will take place on Saturday, 25 March.

Running 68 minutes, the film tells the story of the lives of children in the small town of Popasna in the Lugansk region. The story begins in 2019, when French artist Julien Malland visits the town with a film crew to create a mural on the wall of a school that was partially destroyed after the bombing by the Russian army in 2014. The film will be screened in the Ukrainian language with Polish subtitles.

The ticket price is 20 zloty - proceeds from sales will be donated to a charity in Ukraine, the Be Happy association.

Marina Nikitina holds a degree in film and television directing from the Kiev National University of Culture and Arts in Kiev, Ukraine (2015-2019).

Read more about the film >>

Julia Ogińska, fot. K. MorcinekJulia Ogińska was born in 1995 in Zhytomyr, Ukraine.
She holds a degree from the Ivan Ogienko Zhytomyr College of Culture and Arts, with a specialisation in Film and Television Art (2015) and from the Kiev National University of Culture and Arts, Faculty of Film and Television Art (2019).
She is the winner of film reviews and festivals in Ukraine and Poland, and of a number of city and regional photo competitions: “My Ukraine”, “Homeland – my Polesie”, “Stop-Motion” within the Artistic Programme of the Odessa International Film Festival.
Author of two solo photographic exhibitions in Zhytomyr: “Diary of the State of the Soul” (2014), “Let’s Look for the Light, Even in the Darkness” (2020) and a photographic exhibition entitled “24.02.2022”.
Which was presented in the open air of Bielsko-Biała (2022: Market Square, garden of SIxt’s Villa, Książnica Beskidzka; 2023: Centre for the Integration of Foreigners “myBB”).
The artist lives in Bielsko-Biała; she has worked as an educator at Galeria Bielska BWA since July 2022.

Pictured: Julia Oginska, photo by Krzysztof Morcinek

Galeria Bielska BWA, Café Club Aquarium
Julia Ogińska – “Time Lost”
The exhibition runs from 6 to 25 March, 2023

Saturday, 25 March 2023:
– 5.00 pm – closing of the 'Time Lost' exhibition
– 6.00 pm – screening of the documentary "Limbo", dir. by Marina Nikitina, Vincent Lefebrve (68 min)

Ticket price – 20 zł

Proceeds to benefit the charity foundation in Ukraine “Be Happy”.

The photographic portraits of people from Ukraine who fled the war and found shelter in Bielsko-Biała were presented on Julia Ogińska's previous exhibition entitled “24.02.2022” which was shown on the Bielsko Rynek square in 2021. The photos were accompanied by the stories of the heroines and heroes of the photographs, written down by Anastasia Khlaponina.

Please note!
Julia Ogińska’s exhibition entitled “24.02.2022” will be presented between 16 March and 18 April 2023 in the courtyard of the building at ul. Krasińskiego which now houses the Centre for the Integration of Foreigners “myBB” (entrance through the main gate).