Piotr Kwaśny – Landscape. Painting Interpretations.

Even if we paint en plein air, the resulting work is a product of imagination, insists the artist from Bielsko-Biała, whose deeply personal landscapes are on display.

An exhibition of paintings by Piotr Kwaśny shows his very personal and original approach to space. The artist uses various means and materials, combining screen printing with painting or saturating seemingly empty spaces with colour and textures in pursuit of unexpected visual effects.

Piotr Kwaśny:
For me, creating a painting is like embarking on an adventure or taking part in a game whose outcome is usually quite unexpected. Rather than capturing a Euclidean, geometrical aspect of space, I combine a  variety of techniques in an attempt to stimulate the viewer’s imagination and provoke their reflection. In my work, space is open to individual interpretation. I don’t strive to obtain the best perspective view, it is not my creative goal. I leave relatively empty spaces in my paintings to imply space, just as blue colour seems to extend into infinity, and thus, is the most spatial of all colours. Even if we paint en plein air, the resulting work is a product of imagination.

Piotr KwaśnyPiotr Kwaśny – born in 1977 in Bielsko-Biała. Honours degree in Fabrics and Garment Design at the Władysław Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź  (2002). PhD in Fine Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź( 2018). A teacher of artistic subjects at the secondary school of art in Bielsko-Biała.
His artistic pursuits include painting, printing on fabric and graphic art. He predominantly uses screen printing technique, etching and aquatint.
Numerous solo and group exhibitions and art contests. Regular participant of the Festival of Visual Arts in Bielsko-Biała.

Cafe Club Aquarium 
Vernissage: Tuesday, 18 June, 2019, 12.00 noon.