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New website of Galeria Bielska BWA. A quick guide to the site.

In October 2018, Galeria Bielska BWA launched a new website which was designed by Kraków-based Openform Design & Digital Studio. The website address has remained unchanged, but everything else is new and, as we hope, more transparent and interesting for visitors. The new responsive website adapts automatically to the screen size of your device.

We update information, graphics and multimedia on an ongoing basis. However, due to its size, the website is still under construction and some of the planned services, e.g. ONLINE STORE, with information about the gallery publications, will be made available as the content is filled. Descriptions of catalogues and books published by the gallery, as well as other archival information and photographic records of exhibitions and events from the previous site are available under the See previous website link in the bottom left-hand corner of the home page.

The new website also revives the long-standing tradition of the Newsletter. Three years ago, we decided to stop the service due to technical problems on the previous site. Our new regularly updated Newsletter uses the database of the e-mail addresses collected on the previous site. If you no longer wish to receive the Newsletter, use the UNSUBSCRIBE button below the message. If you want to join the Newsletter, click on SUBSCRIBE in the bottom right-hand corner of the page and fill in the provided form .

The new website gives users an opportunity to navigate their way to the published materials in several different ways.

Key navigation features

HOME PAGE, top to bottom:

- logo of Galeria Bielska BWA (click on the logo to move to home page)
- functional icons: contrasting screen view for visually impaired, enlarging the size of letters, English version of the site, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.
- search
- MAIN SLIDER at the top of the page to show the most important current exhibitions with short introduction. For more information, click on the illustration or the LEARN MORE button
- selection of CURRENT EVENTS
- ARTISTIC PROJECTS with up-to-date information about our special programmes covering more than one exhibition or event – these are periodical events, such as the Painting Biennale Bielska Jesień and the Curated Exhibitions of Bielska Jesień, festivals (such as the most recent Czech Art Festival), artistic residencies, or the programme for creating murals in Bielsko-Biała.
- INFORMATION FOR VISITORS (opening hours, ticket prices, etc.)
- lower MENU and CONTACT
- links to other gallery websites: ART COLLECTION OF GALERIA BIELSKA BWA, PAINTING BIENNALE BIELSKA JESIEŃ, and social media: FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE, INSTAGRAM (in the bottom right-hand corner)
 - link to previous website (in the bottom left-hand corner)
- BIP link
- privacy policy and cookies


EXHIBITIONS – the tabs: CURRENT, UPCOMING and ARCHIVE contain information about all the exhibitions in the gallery.
EVENTS – to learn about the events in the gallery, click on one of the tabs: CURRENT, UPCOMING and ARCHIVE or select the type of event under MEETINGS, CONCERTS, OPENING EXHIBITIONS, etc. There are also tabs referring to the artistic projects which are currently run by the gallery.
CALENDAR – events described on the website can be found by using the search option on the timeline or by choosing the appropriate category of events.
FOR VISITORS – site map,  practical information about ticket prices, access, facilities in the building, discounts, etc., can be found in the tab ESSENTIAL ; the tab MULTIMEDIA contains photos, films, recordings, and a presentation of CAFE CLUB AQUARIUM.   
EDUCATION – use the tabs: WORKSHOPS, LECTURES and EDUCATIONAL PROJECTS to learn about the gallery’s educational programmes.
COLLECTION – under construction; ultimately, this service will provide essential information about the Contemporary Art Collection of Galeria Bielska BWA, artists’ bios and reproductions of the works from the collection. Currently, you can gain full access to the digitized content of the Art Collection by clicking on the COLLECTION logo in the bottom right-hand corner.
ABOUT GALLERY – the tabs PROFILE and HISTORY OF GALLERY describe the activity of the gallery; PLAN contains gallery maps to download; LOGO gives access to graphic files to download and information about the designer of the gallery logo; EUROPEAN PROJECTS has information about currently implemented projects; FOR MEDIA offers files intended for the media (photos in the appropriate resolution, press releases and visual identification of projects); and SPONSORS provides the list of entities supporting our activities.
More tabs, such as MEDIA ABOUT US, PARTNERS and COOPERATION are still under construction.

The MULTIMEDIA gallery allows users to view illustrations and videos on full screen and in full HD quality. The same applies to the slides accompanying articles about exhibitions and events, you can scroll and enlarge them, as well as viewing individual details.

Additional materials, such as full schedules of events, biographies of artists and critical texts, are available under articles about exhibitions and events in the form of text files or pdf files for reading in a new tab and / or to be saved on your own computer.